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Hello! My name is Kim and I am a freelance designer, with a degree in graphic design. I specialize in digital illustration, with clients such as Scholastic Inc., Mini Mag Magazine, Breakfast Criminals, Gretchen Easton Photography for KardashianKids, Margherita Kids and Soopergirl, plus a number of other fun projects. I have experience with both web and print. Recently, I had the opportunity as co-Editor-in-Chief of The Bleed 2016 Magazine. Our Volume 7 is currently a finalist in the Pacemaker APC award

One day, a brunch inspired BebasThatBrunch. On the 1st Saturday of every month, designers get together to network, discuss design and enjoy local food & drink. 

Currently, I am having a blast working at Imagination International, Inc. 

Charmed, I'm sure

A born and raised Californian turned Oregonian, living that design lyfe. From painting to animated gifs, I love it all. If I am not designing or working I am usually having some adventures in the sunshine. If it is a rainy day then I am inside playing video games or reading comics & manga. Here are a few of my (current) favorite things: 

01. obsession


02. outdoor


03. album


04. color

pink + yellow.


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